6 Ways To Leverage LinkedIn For Building Your Brand And Lead Generation

Written by Suramyaa Tewari

August 31, 2021

Business | Performance Marketing

While marketers continue to use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and others for their business expansion, LinkedIn is yet to get the same recognition by marketers. A report published by Marketing Solutions Blog has revealed that LinkedIn is the most used social media platform by companies enlisted in the Fortune 500 companies.

LinkedIn has been one of the widely used professional networking platforms and popular amongst marketers and the general audience all the same, but there is still plenty of potential underutilised and that makes LinkedIn lag behind in the race. There are several ways LinkedIn can help build a brand and lead generation and thus grow your business well.

However, marketers and individuals still need to give a lot of attention to the platform as compared to other social media to do the same. According to a blog report published by the Foundation, not all companies use LinkedIn for their business’s marketing and sales purpose, but still there are more than 30 million companies on LinkedIn on a global level. This article is going to give you a peep into 6 ways in which you can build your brand and generate leads on LinkedIn!

6 Ways To Build Your Brand And Generate Leads On LinkedIn

Experts have expressed confidence in LinkedIn as a business-building platform and have enumerated several ways to help you use the platform advantageously. Foundation has revealed yet another interesting stat about LinkedIn – over 50% of all the social traffic on B2B blogs and websites comes from LinkedIn. Given below are 6 ways you can use LinkedIn for building your brand and increasing the leads for your business:-

1. Use Plugins To Your Benefit

While LinkedIn in itself can help you generate a good number of leads, using add-on plugins can help you get better results. Integrating these plugins with your business’s profile on the platform can help you get access to a bigger audience and enhance your reach. Some of the best plugins are LinMailPro, Headlinr, LinkedIn Connection Revealer, and Rapportive.

LinMailPro allows you to automatically invite all individuals who viewed your profile and implement the same action to bigger numbers without much difficulty. Headlinr can provide you with several interesting headlines according to the keywords you have entered thus improving your content marketing. LinkedIn Connection Revealer can give you an idea about the size of all the first-level connections. Rapportive gives you a list of all the other social media accounts that have been created with emails in your contact list.

2. Company Posts On Your Employees’ Profiles

Employees of a company have been observed to post relevant content about the employers or the brand that they are working for. LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions Blog revealed that employees have a 14x higher chance of sharing content from their employers than any other forms of content on the platform. However, they may not go beyond that. There is no doubt that chances for lead generation improve with a great network.

You must therefore ask your employees to go beyond posting just about the employers, and post regular updates of your company as well. Having your company’s updates and company-approved content posted regularly on your employees’ professional profiles can help you reach out to their connections and have a diverse audience for your marketing campaigns. Expert strategists like Travis Wright have revealed that people tend to listen to their connection on social media more than the official marketing campaigns and can result in 25% more leads.

3. Use LinkedIn Pulse For Publishing Posts

Writing content related to trends, career accomplishments and writing on information relevant to your business niche can help build your brand on LinkedIn in no time. These articles help you establish your position on the platform as an expert. Regularly publishing informative and educational content and blogs can help you increase the traffic on your brand’s page as well as website.

For this purpose, you can use LinkedIn Pulse. It allows you to long-form content with rich grammar and vocabulary on an easy and user-friendly interface. HubSpot has claimed that about 15% of marketers are creating content that is specifically for LinkedIn. You can also add videos and images to your write-up and relevant links from your website to increase its access and traffic.

4. Participate In LinkedIn Groups

Another LinkedIn strategy that actually helps you in generating leads and building your brand is by participating in LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn has innumerable groups of various niches and industries that have like-minded professionals as participants. Highlights of such groups are available and you can get an idea about when the conversations are most active.

Joining active conversations to update about ongoing trends and about your business’s activities relevant to the group’s nature can help you establish a network of professionals in the field. However, try and not post too much content that focuses on your sales and instead post more informative and helpful content as it can get better engagement as value-adding content is more appreciated by professionals.

Here’s some interesting information: Reports by Influencer Marketing Hub have revealed that LinkedIn users have 2x better buying power and the platform offers quality leads. This is because 4 out 5 members of LinkedIn are at a decision-making position in a business.

5. Leverage InMail Campaigns

SimilarWeb has revealed that LinkedIn gets 23.70% traffic form search, 69.98% direct traffic and about 99.51% traffic from organic search. InMail is a special LinkedIn feature that allows you to reach the inboxes of your target audience directly without having to filter your audience and look for people ideal for your business.

InMail does it for you already. Although it is a paid feature, it can save a lot of effort, time, and resources on your part. Leveraging the sponsored InMail feature can help you approach the professional relationships and the network you have built in a more personalized manner and you can share your services and related content and offers with the selected potential leads.

6. Utilise LinkedIn’s Dynamic Ads

Advertisements that evoke emotions and are more personalised in nature are likely to influence your target audience more than the others and help you convert more leads and establish your brand identity as it is more relevant to your prospective clients. Reports by Hootsuite and We Are Social have claimed that over 727 million people are reachable on a global level with the help of LinkedIn advertisements.

LinkedIn’s dynamic ads can help you cater to the specific marketing goals and connect with your prospects better. The Dynamic ads are more visually and aesthetically appealing as they majorly include the members of the LinkedIn community, and create a sense of genuineness and reliability. These advertisements also have additional ad copies that can help you promote your content better and upgrade your marketing efforts. Connecting such pages with personalised landing pages can potentially increase the traffic and give a better conversion rate.

We hope this article was helpful in understanding how you can build your brand on LinkedIn and generate more leads for your business. LinkedIn can prove to be a great asset for businesses and marketers if it is utilized well. With great potential for businesses to grow their sales and reach a global market, LinkedIn is a platform with countless opportunities and methods for growth. All that is needed for you is to identify these and leverage them for your brand.

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