Apex Legends Mobile Version Set to be Launched Next Week!

Written by Team EMB

February 24, 2022


Apex Legends is set to launch its game next week after waiting for gamers for the last one year!

Apex Legends FPS Shooter will be available on both iOS and Android devices which will be very similar to its PC version. However the launch is set to take place for only a few countries and will not be launched in India initially. EA however will be releasing its another battlefield game Mobile Alpha test version in India in the next few weeks to make up for it.

Apex Legends Mobile has been in the development process for a long time and had made its way to the Google Play Store in early 2021 only. However the development of the game has taken a long time with the game now finally set to be launched. The game will give direct competition to the likes of Call of Duty, PUBG, and Free Fire. The game will be launched in the select few countries in the initial week which includes, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Columbia, and Philippines.

EA has made the official statement that they will be sharing the update on the global launch and once the participants in these countries will be able to pre-registration once it is open. The following is the list of the system requirements which the users will be required to keep in mind while downloading the app:

1) Android 8.1

2) Open GL 3.0 or higher

3) 3 GB of free space

4) Minimum 3 GB of RAM

5) Screen Size of N/L/XL

For the players on iPhone, the following is the list of the requirements:

1) iPhone 6S or later

2) OS version of 10.0 or later

3) CPU: A9

4) 3 GB of free space

5) Minimum of 2GB of RAM

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