Call of Duty Will Nerf all the Cheater Guns in the Warzone

Written by Team EMB

February 19, 2022


Call of Duty is bringing a landmark change in its Warzone with an effort of dropping the hammer on thousands of cheaters. The game will now nerf cheaters guns with the Ricochet’s latest update. The update is literally going to troll cheaters who go for the easy click as these guns will no longer be able to kill anybody in the game.

The latest Ricochet anti-cheat update reveals that developers are now going to get data by making changes in their system. For this, the developers are going for different “in-game mitigations” to prevent cheaters from making a mess of the legit players. The newest in this sequence has been called Damage Shield, which is an interesting trap that does not kick out the players when found cheating but would rather prevent them from doing any damage. 

This way, the real players will have the way for encountering the cheat profiles, and the data collection for the cheat profiles can be made in a more robust manner. 

The anti-cheat team of the game gave the explanation that the tracking of these encounters will be made in order to prevent the possibility of applying the Damage Shield accidentally or randomly, irrespective of the skill level. The team has explained that they will not intervene in the gunfights, with Damage Shield now being tested and deployed all across the globe. 

This new update has evidently made it difficult for the cheaters to make a way around the anti-cheating practices. However, despite Ricochet’s new update, some of the cheaters are still squeaking through the floodgates with the dedicated efforts of the cheat makers, which can potentially thwart the anti-cheat measures and initiatives. The anti-cheat team of the game has, however, observed that there had been a tremendous dip in the cheating reports ever since these systems have been activated.

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