Impact of Digital Marketing In Fashion Industry For 2023

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January 19, 2023

Digital Marketing
Impact of Digital Marketing on the Fashion Industry

It is very common to get an SMS or an email from a brand regarding their upcoming sale or festive discount. Almost all brands today have an online presence, and they make the most of it by interacting with their existing and potential customers digitally. There was a time when conventional modes of marketing such as billboards, pamphlets, magazine/newspaper ads and advertising campaigns running on TV were prevalent. Even today, these modes are very much in existence and are widely used; however, with the proliferation in the number of people accessing the internet, digital marketing has gained immense popularity lately. 

What is digital marketing?

In common parlance, digital or online marketing refers to the practice of promoting a brand digitally, i.e. through the internet. It comprises advertising via email, text/ multimedia messages, social media platforms, websites and through search engine optimisation. For almost all businesses today, it is expected of a brand to have some sort of digital marketing strategy in place, be it in the form of a website or a social media handle. 

Role of Digital Marketing In Fashion Industry

With the switch from brick-and-mortar to online stores, every industry, including vogue, has tweaked its marketing strategies to accommodate merchandising through digital mode. Whether you are into selling customised clothing items or running a designer couture, a sound digital promotional campaign must be an integral part of your marketing strategy. 

Greater online access and growing smartphone addiction are two of the many factors contributing to this rise in e-commerce fashion. Believe it or not, digital marketing has proven to be one of the most powerful tools to increase engagement and boost profitability. Here is why online marketing is essential for fashion brands: 

Role of Digital Marketing in the Fashion industry-Digital Marketing In Fashion Industry

1. To stand out from the crowd

There are numerous fashion brands, but how do you prove that your brand is different from the other run-of-the-mill brands? Well, your effective digital marketing strategy helps you to stay ahead of the competition. You can create unique, engaging, aesthetically pleasing content that will attract potential buyers and tempt them to spread the word further, thereby turning your customers into brand ambassadors. Word-of-mouth is magical! 

2. To stay afloat in the dynamic fashion landscape

Fashion trends are changing every now and then; what may be in vogue today may be considered outdated tomorrow. However, with the help of effective digital marketing tools, you can be privy to the latest and potential trends and quickly adapt them not just to survive but thrive in the ever-changing sphere of vogue. 

3. To track your marketing ROI

Thanks to digital marketing’s easy, measurable metrics, you can measure every penny you spend, get feedback and real-time analysis of your marketing strategies and analyse if they are worth investing in or not. This is why its Return on Investment is generally higher than any other traditional marketing strategy.

4. To save costs

Marketing through conventional means can be a costly affair. It not only requires enormous investment but also takes time to reap results. Digital marketing, on the other hand, is cost-effective as your advertising campaign can reach your targeted audience of millions in a span of seconds without having to spend a fortune! A win-win situation indeed!

5. To effectively reach the targeted audience

Commonly, you search for a product once, and after that, every time you are online, you are reminded of that product and other similar products which you may want to buy. Similarly, when you buy a product, you are shown other related products you may want to invest in. 

A simple example could be ordering a shirt from an e-commerce store and being flooded with ads for different accessories you can pair with the same. This is the power of digital marketing! Their algorithms study our purchase history, shopping preferences, and recent searches and then display ads accordingly. 

6. To increase traffic and conversions

With its global reach, advertising digitally increases brand awareness even beyond the geographical barriers of your business and helps generate more traffic. With more traffic drawn to your website/designated landing page, there are increased chances of converting your visitors into customers. 

7. To maximise profitability

To maximise profitability

The primary purpose of any marketing strategy is to boost sales and profitability. Thus, it is evident that digital marketing helps increase your brand visibility and drive relevant traffic. 

8. To establish brand loyalty

Although building trust in your brand in this highly competitive fashion sphere can be arduous, with the aid of digital marketing, you can establish brand loyalty and gain credibility. For instance, you can ask your customers to drop their feedback, reviews or testimonials on your websites or social media handles. This will help build a loyal customer base, and you can gain credibility by gathering support from people who like your brand.  

Game-changing Strategies For Digital Marketing In Fashion Industry

When it comes to marketing through online channels, there are various strategies that can work wonders for your brand. Here are some of the most effective ideas to promote your fashion brand digitally.

1. A consistent presence on social media  – 

A consistent presence on social media

This strategy is on top for a reason – with more and more people browsing social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, actively posting engaging content on such platforms is a must for fashion brands. Whether you want to launch a new product or simply engage your audience and build a relationship with them, social media marketing has to be your go-to. 

People nowadays look up to these platforms to discover fashion trends, hacks and styling ideas. Thus, it only makes sense that your brand should make the most of it by posting content that engages, educates and instigates a response from the audience.  For instance, an apparel brand can post content related to tips for styling an outfit. 

2. Collaboration with influencers

Next up is another prominent marketing tool which is the next big thing in digital marketing – collaborating with eminent influencers to promote your fashion brand. Most influencers today have millions of followers/ subscribers who have faith in their content and are most likely to trust their recommendations. So, if the influencers use a product and tag your brand or review any of your products, their massive following is likely to value it and follow suit. This way, you can reach a broad audience and approach millions of potential customers. 

Moreover, this is comparatively cheaper than endorsing ads to celebrities who charge truckloads of money for the same. Make sure that the influencer you choose to invest in should resonate with your brand and share the exact synergy as yours. For instance, for your athleisure clothing brand, you must go for an influencer in fitness and well-being.

3. Target ads on several platforms

Paid ads are, again, essential tools that can help your fashion brand grow online. Whether you are a newbie in the fashion world or an established veteran in this industry, running targeted ads on various platforms like Facebook and Instagram can spread awareness about your brand and boost sales.

4. UI-friendly website/mobile app

UI-friendly website/mobile app

Having a user-friendly website and mobile app is almost a necessity today. These enable continuous engagement and allow shoppers to make purchases on the go, thereby offering them a seamless shopping experience. Besides, you can track their behavioural pattern and formulate your business strategies accordingly.

5. Organise giveaways/ contests

Another marketing strategy that can prove to be helpful in brand promotions is conducting contests and giveaways. Who doesn’t want to participate in such campaigns, especially when there is a chance to win at something? This desire to win instigates them to participate, engage, and share it with others, thereby increasing your traffic and, eventually, your conversion rate.

6. E-mail ads

E-mail ads

This a very simple yet effective trick to engage your customers and increase sales! Shoot targeted and personalised emails to your buyers and tell them about any new product launches or upcoming mega discounts, or simply assist them in their fashion choices.  All you need are the e-mails of your buyers, and boom, you’re all set to go!! Adding a ‘sign up’ CTA on your website or giving a special discount as they sign up can help grow your list of e-mails.  

7. Video marketing always works 

Video ads can take your brand to the next level. These dominate the digital media space today and are among the leading marketing tools for all companies. In fact, giant e-commerce players like Amazon and eBay have reported that adding a video to a product’s description significantly influences the shopper’s buying decision. We all know there is a lack of time today, and it’s evident that anyone would prefer to watch a short video to learn more about a brand over reading a lot of intimidating text.

8. Make the most of AI

Make the most of AI

Artificial intelligence has benefitted every sector, then why should the fashion industry stay bereft of its merits? As a fashion marketer, your strategies should be AI-driven to make the most of digital marketing features. For example, chatbots can help your customers with a hassle-free shopping experience as they provide support services 24*7*365. 


Neglecting online marketing in today’s digital era can be a big blunder, like a major faux pas in the fashion industry. Today, it is the need of the hour for almost every business to have an online presence to widen its reach and enhance its visibility. If you want to see your brand grow, you need to go digital. 

Building a fashion brand in this highly competitive space can be a cumbersome task, and this is where digital marketing comes into the picture. Suppose you are confused about your digital marketing strategy. In that case, you can seek assistance from Companies like Expand My Business (EMB) which can be helpful with its verified partner agencies, end-to-end delivery management, and milestones-based Escrow Payment Solutions.

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