Importance of Annual Maintenance Plan by Your Website Development Company

Written by Team EMB

May 10, 2022

Website Maintenance

If the website isn’t functioning correctly or is out of date, it is because you have not paid enough attention to the requirements of website maintenance. When the website is really not updated and functional, visitors may have an unfavourable opinion of your firm. Clients will be unable to buy your goods if you operate an ecommerce business and your ecommerce capacity is down.

Investing in Website Maintenance is a no-brainer for many business owners. The goal is to maintain the website new and up to date for visitors. Website maintenance guarantees that the site functions properly and adheres to the most recent technological advancements, security patches, and industry requirements. Website maintenance also enables you to stay relevant and important by keeping up with new trends. By investing heavily in an appropriate Website Maintenance plan, a company with an old or broken website can turn things around.

Therefore, in order to develop a successful website, you must analyze every aspect and consider the importance of website development process.

What are the advantages of owning a website maintenance strategy?

A major percentage of clients do their research online

87 percent of people perform online research before making a purchase. People that are thinking about buying something from you will most probably end up on the site. If a website provides them with an unfavourable picture of your business, they’ll most likely continue their search on a competitor’s site, and you may lose a sale.

Users’ first impressions are informed by the website

If the site isn’t functioning correctly or seems to be outdated, customers will most likely leave. It will provide an initial negative impression for your firm. If your webpage appears unprofessional, customers may feel your company is unprofessional.

Your company’s growth can be aided by a website

A website is critical in assisting users in making a purchase. Your site enables purchases in the case of ecommerce sites. If your website isn’t operating fine, you’ll lose out on potential sales.

For site visitors, the customer experience is crucial

Customers that have a negative online are significantly more likely to purchase with such a rival. Routine servicing helps to avoid a negative customer experience and encourages users to spend more time on your site, increasing your chances of making a sale.

The security of websites can be improved with a website maintenance plan

Cyberattacks cost American businesses $15.4 million each year. Cyberattacks are often costly to repair, and you may lose clients who no longer respect your firm with their sensitive information. Regular maintenance keeps your protection systems up to date, which helps safeguard business sites from cyber threats. Consumers will feel more at ease making transactions on your site if you keep your security measures up to date.

Website upkeep is beneficial to your SEO strategy

Google may perceive users leaving your webpage soon after entering as a sign that it isn’t interesting. Because of the increased bounce rate, the website may receive a lower ranking in search engine results, resulting in less traffic. Your web search rankings will be dropped as a result of persistent technical issues, security concerns, and out-of-date web design, architecture, or content.

How a High-Quality Website Maintenance Plan Can Help You

It’s not just about increasing your online visibility with a website maintenance plan; it’s also about aiding your business line. You can get back to doing what you’re doing best: growing your business with a new partner and the appropriate plan.

Why is it necessary to maintain a website on a regular basis?

User Interaction

If your company wants to increase conversion rates, the customer experience (UX) is crucial. In fact, implementing a user UX approach has the potential to increase conversions by 400% . Maintenance can help you detect issues that are stopping visitors from completing a task on your site. Maybe it’s because of an out-of-date plug-in, or maybe it’s because your website isn’t mobile-friendly. Keeping a constant check on websites can prevent you from getting any UX difficulties in any case.


If a website isn’t well-maintained, hackers will rapidly find it to be an easy target. This is particularly true for sites using the WordPress CMS, which accounted for nearly 90 percent of all compromised CMS sites in 2018.

? Plugins and themes that are vulnerable

? Misconfigurations

? Maintenance issues, such as upgrading the System, themes, and plugins, are common.

Bottom line: To safeguard your consumers, your company, and your reputation, you need a secure site. If consumers stop believing in your site, they are more prone to losing trust in you.


Spending the money on a website maintenance program may seem contradictory to saving money. but this tiny investment might save you thousands, if not millions, in the long run. Ignored or overlooked problems on websites might result in a crashed or damaged website, costing you company, income, and time. You’ll also have to take a huge blow to pay for the repairs to the website. Ongoing maintenance ensures that minor faults are identified and resolved quickly, allowing business to continue as usual.

Update the web pages, content, and links on the website

A web planned maintenance has numerous advantages. When needed, the website designer or designer can assist you with content and design adjustments. Frequent content changes on your site not only keep it looking fresh but they also help with SEO.

Websites that are updated on a regular basis can rank higher in search results. In comparison to the website, which is rarely updated. A professional maintenance plan will assist you in updating the material and ensuring that the changes adhere to search engine best practices. Website maintenance is the process of regularly updating the content of a website.

Maintains the smooth operation of your website

Your website’s bug issues and other defects are checked with a Website Maintenance plan. Broken links , damaged design, lost pictures, uploading troubles, and a variety of other issues could be among them. Frequent website monitoring ensures that your website is always up to date and free of bugs and problems. Make sure your website is always up to date and relevant for website visitors, if they are target customers or seeking information about your business.

To keep track of server security updates and fixes

Websites with hundreds of lines of code and a single flaw might jeopardise your company’s reputation. It’s critical to maintain your server to ensure that you’re applying software’s latest security patches on a regular basis.

You must eliminate the malware, clean up the website, and restore the data if your website is hacked. In such cases, frequent backups of your site can come in handy. A specialised maintenance crew will monitor and maintain your server’s availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And we’ll assist you to keep your software up to date, run security checks, sufficiently support your website, and restore it if necessary. Server maintenance requires constant checks to make sure that they break down or crash whenever you need it most.

Final Words

It is not only beneficial but hugely important for your website to have a proper maintenance plan in place. However, most of the web developers in the market are finished with their job of producing a website on a one-time basis. This thus leaves you vulnerable to undertaking maintenance activities all by yourself.

This is where the role of Expand My Business has been gradually transforming the date old practices of the industry. With our complimentary maintenance plans on our web development projects, we also specialise in taking care of the custom maintenance requirements of your businesse’s website. Our pool of verified vendors and partner agencies has years of experience in taking care of such requirements. Furthermore, this, combined with our delivery solutions, helps you to make the most of our end-to-end project management solutions. Get in touch with us today!

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