Importance of Innovation in Digital Marketing

Written by Team EMB

July 23, 2022

Digital Marketing
importance of innovation in digital marketing

What is digital marketing? Is this the first question to pop on seeing the topic above? This article will discuss the importance of innovation in digital marketing and digital marketing itself. Going back to the question, we can define digital marketing as advertising products or services through digital media. One can use many methods to reach out to their able buyers/customers.

Innovation in digital marketing grants marketers an opportunity to advertise their products or services to the intended customers. However, reaching their customers does not require too much work but a mere skill. The skill required has to arrest the attention of able and willing customers to enjoy the profit from purchasing products or services.

Importance of Digital innovation for Digital Marketers

Digital innovations are amazing such that the marketer does not need to travel door to door searching for consumers of a good product or service. But marketers need a reliable channel to upload a video or a picture advertising a certain product or service.

The advertising video or picture is meant to be catering in a way that whoever comes across it will stop over and check it out. They must not be the target but should feel the need to check it out. The creativity employed while designing this video or a picture should, by all means, capture the attention of any person. In fact, a well-designed marketing video or picture receives more feedback from interested consumers.

Well, digital marketing provides a platform for marketers to advertise products and services to consumers close and far from the source. However, this strategy helps marketers to stay on top of the market. Below are five key importance of employing digital innovation in marketing:

7 Key Importance of Innovation in Digital Marketing

These are the key importance of innovation in digital marketing you did not know:

1. Effective workflow generally

Marketing takes up a slightly large amount of money on an annual budget. Hence, optimising marketing yields a business with very high profits. Ignoring the marketing process in any business can cause a business to encounter losses that, at a time, are severe.

How does innovation in digital marketing improve workflow? Digital innovation has brought in a machine such as Toggl, which keeps track of tasks and the time you spend on them. That means you will plan how you want to spend your time and the amount of work you would like to execute.

Using such gadgets can improve the workflow and benefit with continuous effort. Making your team members as Toggl is a basic step that can cause strategic results in marketing. The positive results will result from hard work, which is a result of the introduction of Toggl, a product of innovation. However, the marketers will be able to monitor other team members by monitoring what each member is carrying out their tasks and the time taken to complete them.

Marketers owning this gadget are on the safe side of competition. That is because they will identify the side of interest they have covered and will be able to focus on the other side that has not received adequate attention. However, this will be possible since the track record kept by this machine will help marketers know the areas to be covered, and the areas covered already to avoid repetition.

2. Profitability

Digital marketing has brought so much in place that the business harvests a lot of profit daily. The effort put in place by marketers increases sales rapidly due to the number of customers they reach every day.

AI is one of the branches that help marketers advertise their products or services to so many able customers. 

This process of reaching many people comes with positive results due to bulk sales. Artificial Intelligence ensures 24/7 customer service. This technique ensures that customers are served all the time, that is, during day and night. Artificial Intelligence helps marketers push their advertisements to too many people from all over the globe.

Focusing on profitability, we have to consider every factor:

● The cost incurred during the marketing.

● Resources used throughout campaigns.

● Costs associated with generating profit.

● The full amount from customers as profit. 

Artificial Intelligence, however, keeps all calculations, including transactions, done. The record helps the business know the profits generated after deducting all the expenses.

3. Return on Investment (ROI)

What is the return on investment? ROI is basically the ratio between the investment and the net income. ROI is used to measure the efficiency of a given investment. A high ROI is a term used to mean the investment’s outcome. Innovation in digital marketing has highly triggered the raising of ROI, which is a result of the high rate of purchase. The more the product and service get to reach many people, the more it is likely to get buyers. This is why the money invested in marketing gets back into the business three or more times the invested amount.

Investing in marketing can at first not seem to be promising. Marketing fails to increase sales as per the money allocated until you persist and trust the process. After some time, marketers mush the product on a social media platform and other channels until so many people come across it. 

This consistency alarms an interest in capable buyers who bid on the product and eventually buy to try it out. It takes less time for the ones who tried to refer their friends also to try the product or service. After a short time, the product or service gains popularity and payback for all the costs accrued to the business.

4. SEO Benefit

Every marketer desire to be seen on top of others. This is because it is the only way they will gain more popularity and sell more products or services compared to others. However, Google can recommend interested people to your product when searching for related products or services. This process will boost the marketer’s visibility and increase profit made by the company or business at that particular time.

5. Enhancing creativity

One must possess a powerful competing tool to stand out in this competitive world. It is true to say videos with eye-catching thumbnail earns more attention from people hence getting the attention of many people. To have many such views as a marketer, you need to perfect yourself in thinking outside the box. 

By doing, you can end up making sales far from other members of your marketing team.

The more your advertising videos or pictures get so many views from social media, not to mention comments, likes and shares on your post, the more popular the product or service becomes. Here, marketers have a very simple job of pushing the product to reach where it has not.

6. Email marketing

Email marketing is a platform where marketers get a chance to connect with consumers personally through email. Here, marketers are specific and picky regarding the information they share with different people. The tone changes from person to person. Does this method work? The answer is yes, it does. People targeted on email in one way or another expressed their interest and shared their email to the marketer’s website, which collects them and emails the consumer later.

Email targets the consumer’s interest by all means and sometimes has an offer attached to it to encourage that particular person to adhere to the call to action. Many people prefer being addressed directly, which means when a marketer makes an effort to reach them directly through email, the marketer captures their attention fully. Another beautiful thing about email is that the consumer is secure from hackers and information leaks. However, one can freely purchase anything.

7. Content marketing

What is content marketing? Content marketing is composed, published and presented original, useful, vital and charming content related to a particular field. This method aims to increase product or service awareness and establish a foundation strong enough to get known by consumers. Content marketing puts marketers on the front line when an advertisement is concerned. It creates a name for them, welcoming traffic anytime they upload anything on social media or any other channel. A good example is people who do content creation on YouTube. 

If that content is interesting and attention-catching, you realise that after some time of uploading, so many people view that video, and within no time, it receives so many likes. By winning the attention of many people, you expose the product or service to many people who want to buy. Even those who did not need the product end up showing interest and finally purchase it.


Digital marketing has enabled marketers to connect with consumers in a very easy and convenient way. Many social media platforms and other channels are available to learn about products and services advertised daily by marketers. That same channel can save consumers’ views on their products, correcting those errors and making a better product to meet consumers’ needs.

Going through these seven steps, you can confidently confirm that they are better than the traditional method.

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