8 Importance of Learning Management System

Written by Reshmika Janani

February 6, 2022

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Learning Management System is an emerging concept of e-learning which facilitates the monitoring of courses and training delivered to the students. As the name suggests, it is a whole system to manage the learning process. It is one of the best options to track and report the activities of individual students at an educational institute.

An LMS makes the content of the course readily available, almost instantly accessible to both students and the faculties. LMS can also help the parents monitor the progress of their child, as they can have a complete insight into what is actually happening in the school/college of their ward. It is an excellent method to incorporate the new changes occurring due to the shift towards online learning.

Why a learning management system (LMS) can be beneficial for businesses

And the benefits of LMS can go on. This blog explores some notable benefits that make it an important part of the education system and learning processes in 2023!

Importance of Learning Management System (LMS)

Let us now understand some of the top 7 importance of using a learning management system in an educational institute, which makes it all the more important for the learning processes in the present times!

1. Provides unlimited access

Importance of Learning Management system

Humans have a tendency to forget things and we all forget whatever is taught in our schools and heavily rely on online platforms to bring clarity to the subjects. What if the content that is taught in the school is always available to you, in the way that your teacher taught? Then, things will be much easier! That is one of the primary aims of LMS.

Everyone can have unlimited access to the content as soon as the teacher updates it in the system.

The application of LMS can be used by organisations to standardise the modules for learning.

2. Includes videos and other interactive modules

Includes videos and other interactive modules-Importance of learning management system

We all prefer videos or animated working of a thing over the content that is written in books. Video is a proven way to engage an audience. It also comes out as an excellent way to make the students understand the content. The teachers can also come up with collaborate with international faculties to make the students learn new things universally.

LMS offers the facility of including animated clippings and voice-over PowerPoint presentations to make the students understand the concepts in a fun way. According to psychology, it is proven that people tend to remember things that they see more than the ones which they read!

3. Helps monitor the performance of a candidate

 Helps monitor the performance of a candidate

In order to bring the best out, everyone needs monitoring. LMS provides easy monitoring of the students in several ways. One of the most simple ways is by keeping a track of how many times a student accesses a particular course content. This can help educators understand areas which may require more intensive and in-depth explanations and subjects that require more practice or revision due to increased difficulty.

There are also several other strategies, like providing a student with a quiz and conducting online exams!

At the end of each lesson, the teachers can set up a quiz to assess the students’ understanding. There is also a facility to automatically grade the student, which saves a lot of time for the teachers and the students can know their results instantly.

The students can also know where they rank, which in turn helps the students to progress in their academics by identifying key problem areas.

Teachers can restrict the navigation of the questions if they feel their students are copying answers among themselves. Once the navigation is restricted, the students have to answer the question in order to proceed to the next one. Later on, even if the right answer is shared, they can’t change their answers! There is also a facility to shuffle the questions and its answers to avoid copying.

4. Helps the students to stay updated

Helps the students to stay updated

LMS is an easy software through which the teachers can add recent updates, either in the form of links or videos. This ensures that the students don’t simply stick to the content of the textbook, which may or may not be updated.

It provides a medium through which the students can continuously update themselves with the real life work scenario. We all know there is a huge gap between whatever is taught in the schools and what really happens in the industries. LMS provides easy updates with the recent trends so that the student can always be work ready.

There are several ways to bridge this gap. The admins can post content related to the advancement and the students can also engage with international students and teachers for diverse learning.

5. Easy to organise content

Easy to organise content

With online learning, we have content from various websites, blogs, posts, and videos in order to make the student understand the topic. And from a student’s perspective, that is definitely a lot of work!

For different topics, we prefer different websites to learn from. Sometimes, the written content might not be sufficient to understand the topic, hence we go for graphic forms of information like videos or animations. And with all these options, there can be chaos! It is difficult for the student to keep a track of the place from where the content has been understood.

LMS comes to aid in such situations. It provides a framework in which we can collectively access all the content, thus helping the content to be presented in a sorted and organised fashion.

An LMS may allow students and employees to access a variety of learning resources and courses at one place. This can hence foster a culture of easy learning that encourages learning and development in any institution or organisation.

6. Provides a personalised learning experience

An LMS can also be used to personalise learning experiences for students and employees. A learning management system can offer customised training content that is tailored to the individual’s learning style, job function, and performance. 

This allows for the creation of training content that is tailored to each person’s needs. This also improves the effectiveness of the program and improves the quality of learning.

7. Helps you stay in touch with the updated content

LMS can help educational institutions or organisations keep up with the latest technology and best practices. 

An LMS can help you deliver relevant training content to your students or employees as technology changes. This helps to ensure students and employees have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their jobs.

8. LMS offers a cost effective method of learning:

Using an LMS can be more cost effective than traditional training methods, such as hiring external trainers or organising in-person training sessions. With an LMS, businesses can save money on training materials, travel expenses, and instructor fees.

Learning Management System Trends

Discussed below here are some of the important facts and figures about the adoption of learning management systems in the education industry. These are important enough to stress the importance of a learning management system in the field of education:

1. Market Size:

According to MarketsandMarkets, the global LMS market is expected to reach $15.72 Billion by 2026. This will mark a growth rate of 19.1% between 2021 and 2026 alone.

2. Industries Segments:

The growth of the LMS market has been marked by the rising demand for its use across different industries. This includes academics, government, and corporate. Due to the increasing need for employee training, the corporate segment will hold the largest market share. A reference for this can be found in this report.

3. Cloud-based LMS:

Cloud LMS will dominate the market over the next few years because of its flexibility and scalability. ResearchAndMarkets predicts that the market for cloud-based LMS will grow at 28.6% between 2020 and 2027, according to their report.

4. Mobile Learning:

In recent years, mobile learning has been more popular than ever. This can be stressed enough by the report published by Ambient Insight. As per the report, the global mobile learning market will grow at 12.5% between 2020 and 2025.

5. LMS Features:

Course management, online assessments, and reporting and analytics are the most popular features of LMS. As per a survey conducted by Capterra reporting and analytics are the most demanded LMS features (59%), followed by course creation (55%), and mobile learning (45%).

6. Adoption of LMS by corporations:

Corporations are also adopting LMS. Brandon Hall Group’s survey found that 75% of companies currently use an LMS and that 41% plan to replace their existing LMS.

7. Emerging Markets:

LMS adoption is increasing in emerging markets. A report by eLearning Industry states that the Asia-Pacific region will see the greatest growth in LMS adoption due to the growing demand for online education.

To Conclude

Learning Management System, or LMS, as it is popularly called, is a solution for all the issues of e-learning. It offers an interactive environment through which the students can engage with their own teachers and also international teachers if their school allows them. LMS also helps the students to have their entire content organised in a single place that can be accessed unlimitedly. It is beneficial for both the students and the teachers.

The lecturers can monitor the performance of the individual student and can check if that is up to the desired mark. The teachers can also post quizzes and fun activities that will ensure that the student is hooked up with the content and also helps to assess them. The quizzes, when loaded with the correct answers in the system, can automatically evaluate the students, thus saving time and effort for teachers.

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