10 Landing Page Design Ideas To Improve Your Website Session Time

Written by Team EMB

January 18, 2023

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10 Landing Page Design Ideas To Improve Your Website Session Time

When designing a landing page, it is essential to consider how to convince users to visit your website and make a purchase. 

Including a lot of essential elements and following best practices to form an engaging and attractive landing page is a complex process. There are certain practices that have been observed to improve the session while also boosting the conversion rate of websites. 

No matter how users are landing on your page, its objective is to urge users to become leads or clients. Due to this, landing pages are particularly effective components of a company’s digital marketing strategies

What is a landing page? 

A landing page is a page on a website with a defined purpose. The goal of landing pages is converting visitors into leads. While there are several sorts of landing pages, their purpose remains the same, that is, to generate more and more leads

Landing pages feature lead forms that request contact information from visitors in return for the benefit of a value, also known as an offer. 

According to Hubspot, companies get a 55% increase in leads when they increase their number of landing pages from 10-15. It all depends on how people discover your page and why it exists. People mainly discover landing pages organically via keywords and high rankings search results. A landing page is often advertised using Google AdWords or a comparable service, and its only purpose is to convert. 

Now that you know how important landing pages are for your business. Let’s take a look at some of the design ideas to improve the landing page. 

Landing Page Design- 

1. Attractive headline:

A headline is considered a first impression. Your opportunity to catch the audience’s interest and influence them to learn more about your business or product. Take the opportunity to represent your company without being vague and tell your audience what your company does and how they will benefit from your service or product. Web visitors are highly conditioned to read websites rapidly. Captivate them through your headline before they switch to another website. 

A compelling title will captivate readers and urge them to continue exploring your website. The message must connect with them; thus, it is essential to consider who will be visiting and your target audience while writing a headline. 

2. Incorporate branding: 

The main idea of your landing page may be the product or service, but the landing page’s primary focus should be your company. Treat your landing page as a branding opportunity and try to include crucial brand aspects into the design. 

Place your business’s logo and name at the top of each landing page. Utilise your brand coloured in the header and footer section of the page to strengthen your company or brand’s recognition. Although none of these elements should be large enough to detract from converting a consumer, they should be apparent enough to ensure that someone is aware of your company.

3. Integrate Multimedia Components: 

Videos, photos, and unique designs may improve and attract users to your landing page. Ensure that any items you’re incorporating are correctly optimised and structured so that they do not slow down the website.

If your landing page includes a lead or contact form for your services, you can also add a video with client testimonials to encourage them to contact your company. 

Be as creative as you can be, but ensure that everything you provide on your landing page corresponds with your overall objectives. 

4. Make elements look stand-out through contrast: 

Colour contrast should be used wherever possible to make a design piece look appealing to the audience and also to stand out from the crowd. Understanding some of the contrasting colours like blue on green, black on red, along with bold against a simple font are all effective techniques for making your Call-to-action content also stand out. 

These contrasts can highlight your landing page’s significant visual aspects. 

5. Psychological Elements: 

Every individual is subjected to psychological norms and principles. The motives, desires, and beliefs of people influence that decision-making. These decisions are significantly affected by several conscious and unconscious variables.

Utilise empathetic visuals that are pertinent to the users’ context. This provides a stronger emotional connection with the user and communicates sentiments of empathy. The significant landing page features, such as titles and CTA buttons, should give the visitor value and a feeling of urgency. This may be accomplished by using suitable text and contrasting colours, as mentioned above. 

6. Include facts and statistics:

According to Nifty Marketing, 86% of the top-performing landing pages are mobile-friendly. We caught your attention here, didn’t we? 

Facts and statistics are excellent ways to attract users’ attention. You can include interesting ones on your landing pages. The users are most likely to read numbers rather than long sentences while going through your carrier. 

7. Keep more white space: 

Mostly, the poorest-performing landing pages are very messy. Their main attempt is to jam as much data as possible on a single page and thick walls of text, resulting in a terrifying and confusing page. This is not what you have to follow. 

Using white space may be an extraordinary approach to maintaining the cleanliness of your landing pages and bringing attention to the essential aspects. The most minimalist websites are more likely to get higher conversions. You must include simple animation, absolute minimum language to describe what your company does, and a single button to get started to make everything look clean and professional. 

8. Add reviews and client testimonials: 

Attaching client reviews and testimonials is the best way to get more leads. We all know how effective word-of-mouth marketing is. Considering social media’s significance, we also see the importance of adding reviews. Therefore, if your clients are positively talking about your service, you should also add testimonials on your landing pages. 

The testimonials are a great source to readily confirm that your website is genuine and people trust your work and the type of product in services your company provides. 

9. Incorporate short forms: 

When a person is visiting your website, it is very natural for you as an internet marketer to gather as much information as possible about them. However, things are a bit different here when it comes to developing an effective landing page. You must need customers to complete as few form questions as possible. 

The more questions you need a visit to fill out, the less likely they will complete the form and the intended conversion. If your conversion needs a form, just ask for their relevant information. Remember that you may always request the information on the thank you page. 

10. Use the images of real people: 

In addition to the different psychological techniques that may be employed to increase the effectiveness of landing pages, incorporating humans and pleasant faces have been shown to increase conversion rates. 

Using photographs of actual, everyday people as opposed to objects or stock photos helps to establish a more intimate connection with visitors and evoke more empathy from them. Since most choices are made on a psychological and subconscious level, developing any emotional connection via visuals is a very effective strategy. 

These were some of the best insider tips and tricks to design a clean and professional landing page for your company’s website. Try incorporating these ideas, and you will notice more conversion rates in no time. 

Final words! 

Developing a landing page while keeping all these elements in mind is very hectic. Businesses need professional help to implement best practices to make an impact. Contact Expand My Business if you’re facing issues developing your landing page. All of your efforts will bear fruit on a landing page with a high conversion rate. This is where consumers click, purchase, and YOU generate income.

Landing pages focus on obtaining and maintaining visitors and converting them into customers and subscribers. The landing page design strategies and concepts mentioned in this article have been shown to ensure a successful, high converting and result-oriented landing page. 

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