Three new maps to be introduced in Year Seven in Rainbow Six Siege

Written by Team EMB

February 21, 2022


Ubisoft has released a long video which has outlined the plans for Rainbow Six Siege as it enters its seventh year. The multiplayer shooter game will receive three new maps. The first will be the competitive map set in the Irish country club while the second map is a death match set up in Greece. Likewise the third map which will be launched in Season 3 will cover the map of Singapore.

Furthermore, the update will bring in the effort to deal with the toxic players with the view for preventing harassment. The game will now allow the players to report the players whom they are speculating in the replays. Also, the developers are now taking initiatives to disable friendly fire, text chat and voice chat functionality for the players who have been reported of abuse.

Ubisoft will now be rolling out the reputation system in stages and is aiming to surprise the players with the low reputation. The changes in the game type will also be made by the company. The game is now overhauling the ranking system for the fans of the knife edge intensity. As per the new systems of the game, players will be placed below to what they are expected to settle to kick in the sense of progress and development for the subsequent matches.

The new update will also bring in changes in the accessibility features by bringing the options for the gun sights, and clearer marking denoting as to which team gadgets have to be placed and belonged to.

The video also talked about the new code R6SI-SI22-CHIB-CHAR which is for free charm. All these changes are kicking in a sense of excitement for the tactical gaming enthusiasts and the fans of Ubisoft. 

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