Valorant’s big update will give its most unpopular agent a much needed facelift

Written by Team EMB

February 20, 2022


Yoru- One of Valorant’s most unpopular agents will get its much needed facelift with the big update that Valorant is bringing. Riot games originally intended Yoru to be an information gathering lone wolf but now the update will give him a hybrid look. Yoru will now be more of a Duelist/Initiator who will have an aggressive engagement.

The update will bring a massive change in the popularity of the character. Valorant’s Duelists have the excellent quality of being aggressive. Whereas Sentinels and Controllers are more focused on maintaining battlefield control. Initiators, on the other hand, have the responsibility of taking over the maps to displace and expose the enemy.

Yoru’s skills were originally intended to play as such when Riot said back in late 2020 that he has purposely designed to lurk back the enemy lines. This way his utility was that of aiding the mission.

Yoru’s character, however, became predictable as by the time it was launched, players had already optimised their defensive and attacking strategies. Not just this, even the kit of Yoru was very predictable, which made him one of the most ineffective characters of the game.

The reworked version will enhance his skill of Fakeout. Fakeout is the skill in Valorant where the key factor is to locate enemies, and this skill sends out fake footsteps which are intended to distract the enemy. What used to happen was Yoru used to give out more information himself rather than collecting any intel as players were adopting the strategy of not giving up their position with the audio queues. In the new Fakeout Yoru would summon a decoy clone which would move forward until shot or disappear! If shot, the clone will face the enemy and will blind them. This will bring the info gathering skills of the character at par with Raze’s Boombot.

The ability of Gatecrash, however, would not be changing much. You’ll still be capable of teleporting from one location to another location on the map. The only change is an image of the place where the Gatecrash used to be when Yoru is teleported, and it creates just a tiny puddle to follow. This puddle was designed to confuse the team of enemies by letting them know that Yoru has been teleported, but what exactly was he doing?

Up until now, Yoru’s greatest goal was to run into a line of fire to gather the maximum amount of information while remaining largely invisible and with no sound of footsteps. Yoru could not make use of any abilities, and his range of vision was limited, but Yoru was not vulnerable.

Now, Yoru will be fully invisible but the enemies can hear Yoru’s footsteps! The biggest improvement to the ultimate gives Yoru great abilities. He can now cast his ult and drop a teleport into a bombing site or move around to find the best spot to emerge from the area. Although enemies are able to see Yoru’s footsteps, Yoru is now completely invisible!

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