What are Resource Augmentation Services, And How can they help my business?

Written by Team EMB

July 26, 2022

Resource augmentation services

In today’s time, it is the need of the hour to provide the best service to the customers. However, to do so, companies need highly knowledgeable people, and it is not an easy task to hire the best talent from across the globe. The use of technology is growing at a rapid pace, especially in businesses. With the help of technology, businesses make all things easier for customers.

If you also want to do the same and increase your market cap, then you also need tech experts. The presence of expert staff in your team can lead your business to new heights. But maintaining the staff whenever you need it is a tough task. And here comes the role of resource augmentation services.

In simple terms, resource augmentation means contracting when there is a need for an extra talented man force for the companies for a specific project. Moreover, companies hire employees for a specific project without committing to a job. Moreover, in this blog, we are going to know in-depth about resource augmentation services and their benefits to your business.

All About Resource Augmentation Services

Resource augmentation service is the model for hiring talent from across the world on a contract basis for a particular project from a third party. However, resource augmentation services provide the best talent whenever needed to start-ups, large enterprises, and mid-tier companies to meet their goals. Moreover, the internal staff and augmented resources work in collaboration for the duration of the project. 

Sometimes it happens in the industry that you won’t have the tech talent required for any project. Moreover, hiring for that role is, again, time-consuming and a tough task.

Also, sometimes you need some people for a particular time or a specific project, and it is not possible to hire them at such a time that resource augmentation services play a pivotal role. You can hire a tech talent for a specific project on a contract basis. In the last few years, there has been a rise in hiring employees from resource augmentation services. 

How does it work?

  • 1. Resource augmentation services determine the number of employees you need for a project. Moreover, after discussing with your management, they will come to a precise number. Furthermore, they also clarify the specifications and expertise of the candidates, their experience, and many more. 
  • 2. Once you have clearly specified all your demands, then they initiate the search process as per your requirements. Moreover, assess so many candidates based on your requirements.
  • 3. After the selection of the candidates, you must make them feel comfortable and assimilate them into your company. 
  • Moreover, your ongoing staff should also support them and should establish a strong relationship with them that will help in the project.

Benefits of Resource Augmentation Services

1. Saves Your Time

If you are thinking of recruiting employees, then you are on the wrong path. Because it will take you too much time and again, there is no guarantee that you will get the required talent or not. However, with a resource augmentation service, you can shorten your hiring time. Moreover, you can hire talented employees within a week from across the globe. While running a business or company, it is important to deliver on-time service to the customers, and if you are lacking in that, then it might not be good for your business. 

2. Cost Effective

The biggest and apparent advantage of hiring a remote team is that it is cost-effective. You can recruit candidates from across the globe and from that country where the cost of living is low; consequently, they will demand lower salaries. Moreover, you know that to hire house employees, you have to include so many things like employee benefits, extra tax costs, and many more. This is why you must go to the resource augmentation service to get global talent at low salaries. 

3. Less paperwork

When you hire an in-house employee, you have to do lots of paperwork and legal responsibilities. However, if you hire an employee through a resource augmentation service, then you do not have to get into this. The third party through which you are hiring an employee will take care of it. This is also one of the key benefits of resource augmentation services.

4. Global Talent

Many tech start-ups and companies are facing problems in getting the right talent at the right price. Moreover, it is quite a hard task to get a workforce locally who will justify your project. This is why if you go through the resource augmentation service then, you will get talented employees from all over the world. Moreover, while hiring them, you do not have to get into the complex procedure. Also, you can hire employees where the cost of living is low. Hence, they will not demand high salaries. Therefore, you will get a talented workforce at a low price. 

5. Flexibility

Sometimes you might get a high workload, and your team can’t handle it. At such times you immediately increase the workforce from resource augmentation service. Moreover, there is flexibility because you might need more workforce for a specific time or project. Hence, you do not have to hire them permanently. Instead, you can get on board whenever needed and can outlast them whenever your work is done. 

6. Expansion of business

To expand the business, you need a workforce, and sometimes it is not clear whether you will get a new project or not? Also, you might not be sure about the consistency of work. At such times, resource augmentation services can help you a lot. 

You can hire employees when you have work. Using this contract-based talent workforce, you can expand your business. This is why so many businesses are using resource augmentation services. If you are also looking to scale your business, then you must try, and you will definitely get the desired results.

7. Inflow of innovative ideas

One of the underrated and important benefits of resource augmentation service. As you will onboard employees all over the world, you will get new ideas also. People from across the globe will enrich your business with their new initiatives and ideas. However, it is totally your call whether to accept it or not. But still, there will be a flow of new ideas for your business. Moreover, you can scale your business. The flexibility this service offers is the best to grow any business. 

The Three Types of Resource Augmentation

Depending on your precise requirements, your augmentation model may change. The three main types of resource augmentation are a commodity, skill-based, and highly skilled.

1. Labour based

Commodity resource augmentation does not require specialised training. The need for this augmentation model is more driven by urgency than by developing specific skills.

Therefore, this resource augmentation may entail manual labour, factory work, or retail, among other things.

2. Skill-Based 

It should be no surprise that skill-based resource augmentation calls for a little more skill. However, this kind of augmentation requires a low level of skill.

A few examples of skill-based resource augmentation include typing or data entry for clerical work.

3. Highly-Skilled

The addition of highly skilled people is the last but not least option. And this kind of resource augmentation is probably just what you require.

Outsourced partners with high skill levels work in IT or software development industries. These professions require extensive training and experience, and adding additional HR employees does not explain deficiencies in either of those areas.

Study the provider profiles after deciding how your business is doing and what services you need. Pay attention to the following essential factors:

  • The team must have outstanding communication skills.
  • Assess the vendor’s expertise and the clients they have had prior experience serving.
  • Ensure a collaborative environment where the team is dedicated to its work.

Executing a team via resource augmentation will benefit your business in some ways. With this service, you can improve your company’s performance and help it develop and grow fully.

How can you tell that you need resource augmentation services?

The following section will answer your query if you still need to figure out when your project will require resources.

  1. You want affordable services.

You might fear adding a larger team to your internal team will strain your finances. With resource augmentation services, however, this is different. 

Employing specialized personnel, however, will allow you to speed up development and reduce costs. Additionally, based on the goals of your project, resource augmentation will give you exact costs.

2. You want to extend your current quickly

You might require more personnel to join your team and work on your project if you want to expand quickly. Therefore, resource augmentation is the best choice in this situation because it will enable you to hire specialized resources who are proficient and skilled. 

As a result, you can hire a new team more quickly, allowing you to grow your team quickly.

3. Your project calls for a particular skill set.

When you take on a project that needs knowledge your internal team might not have, there may be a need for a particular skill set. Finding the right person may be like looking for a needle in a haystack, and you might need more time to look far and wide. However, you might find the ideal team through a resource augmentation service. Especially when hiring staff, many businesses turn to outsource agencies.

Wrapping Up

In the last few years, there has been a rise in the use of resource augmentation services. Moreover, we have seen tremendous growth in technology start-ups across the world. Moreover, India has emerged as a start-up hub. But getting talented employees is still a tough task that everyone faces. But resource augmentation services have solved this.

Resource augmentation services can be the ultimate option to scale your business. Moreover, it offers great flexibility and cost efficiency.

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