11 Best B2B Email Marketing Tools To Use In 2023?

Written by Suramyaa Tewari

September 16, 2021

Digital Marketing | Email Marketing

To ease the tasks of marketers engrossed in extensive online as well as offline marketing, there are several email marketing tools that are available in the market. These tools can help you cater to different aspects of your email marketing plans and help you relax at least in one area of your never-ending work! This article talks about 11 such email marketing tools that you can use to improvise your email marketing campaigns. But before we move on to the tools, let’s read a little about B2B email marketing tools and why you should do it.

What Is B2B Email Marketing?

B2B email marketing is one of the forms of B2B digital marketing that includes sending out commercial emails to other organisations or businesses. B2B email marketing aims to promote products and services, generate leads, build relationships, and create partnerships with other companies.

 B2B email marketing campaigns use targeted messaging to engage their audience. This can include newsletters and promotional offers. B2B email marketing is only possible if you have a solid understanding of your target audience and can plan a strategy.

Why You Should Do It?

B2B email marketing is a great way to engage and reach potential customers in the business space. This allows targeted messaging to companies or individuals and is more cost-effective than other marketing methods. Email marketing can deliver measurable results via metrics like open rates, click-through rates, conversions, and other metrics. B2B email marketing is a great way to build trust and credibility with prospects. This can lead to brand awareness, lead generation, and eventually sales.

11 Best B2B Email Marketing Tools For 2023

We have enlisted the 11 best B2B email marketing tools for you and their top features below to help ease your selection process.

1. Outfunnel


If you are looking forward to driving revenue from your email marketing campaigns, Outfunnel is one of the best email marketing automation tools in the market that does just that for you! It combines CRM integrations with robust email marketing features to align your marketing efforts. This in turn helps in increasing your sales remarkably. Outfunnel allows you to send on-off emails as well as automated email sequences to the email contacts in your CRM. Furthermore, it then allows you to keep a track of all the emails sent and gives you insights into how it affects the revenue of your firm.

Best Features:-

i. Allows you to keep a track of the ROI from your email campaigns.

ii. Offers web and lead score tracking through its CRM integration.

iii. It is affordable and starts at $19 per month.

2. EasySendy

EasySendy-B2B Email Marketing Tool

Among the hybrid email marketing tools, EasySendy has surely backed the most popular choice! Several businesses use EasySendy to promote their services and products on different digital platforms and initiate sales. It is especially useful and popular among online content creators such as vloggers, bloggers, course creators, YouTube creators, podcasters, authors, writers, photographers, and others. EasySendy comes with several options for integration with cloud SMTP relay servers. To facilitate targeted email sending, it is laced with smart auto-responders and advanced list segmentation.

Best Features:-

i. Helps you quickly create email campaigns with the help of its drag-and-drop drip automation flow builder.

ii. Helps you connect better with your audience by creating personalised content and messages for your marketing campaigns.

iii. It uses customisable pop-up forms to create a list of subscribers from your website.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot-B2B Email Marketing Tools

HubSpot is among the most powerful and most widely used email marketing tools when it comes to B2B marketers and helps businesses all across the globe to constantly increase the number of email subscribers. HubSpot helps businesses in using effective email metrics in their business’s marketing solutions. Its three main components are: inbound marketing, CRM software, and sales.

Best Features:-

i. Enhances your email delivery by building personalised email templates and tracking your subscribers’ response to these personalised emails.

ii. Creates a contact database and allows Email Scheduling, Testing and Organising.

iii. Allows you to customise your emails according to your customers’ personality and purchasing behaviour without using any complicated coding for the same.

4. SendFox

SendFox-B2B Email Marketing Tools

SendFox is a notable B2B email marketing tool that helps you magnify your audience and is therefore, extremely popular amongst digital content creators. One of the reasons why it is among the most sought after tools is that after purchasing the tool you need not pay again in any form of subscription and is a one-time payment tool. It is laced with unique features that help you in creating simple, impactful and engaging emails by combining customisation and automation features.

Best Feature:-

i. Creates custom landing pages that you can use to promote your content on your social media or in your email signatures.

ii. Offers a unique CRM functionality that allows you to write and add notes on each of your subscribers.

iii. Allows you to create and schedule email campaigns at any time and send unlimited emails and initiate unlimited automation.

5. MailChimp

MailChimp-B2B Email Marketing Tools

When it comes to small business owners and bloggers, MailChimp is an extremely popular email marketing tool. MailChimp is well-known for providing its users several informative and educational resources that they can use to grow their knowledge to improvise their websites. MailChimp’s free plan allows the users to send 12,000 emails on a monthly basis and have as many as 2000 subscribers. However, if you wish to grow the numbers, you can purchase the MailChimp plans which vary according to the monthly increase in subscribers and number of mail sent, beginning from $10 per month.

Best Features:-

i. Presents individual email marketing campaign review reports and campaign engagement and ecommerce performance review and analysis on the user’s account dashboard.

ii. Comes with an AI-powered creative assistant to help you create multichannel designs.

iii. Laced with marketing features such as contact segmenting, app integrations, auto-responders, A/B testing and email scheduling.

6. Drip


This marketing tool is best suited for e-commerce website owners, and digital marketers, and is popular amongst bloggers. The tool comes with several ingenious features that can help you not only improve your email marketing but also contribute to your other marketing efforts. It is the best tool for business owners who specifically want to focus on identifying the purchase patterns and intents of the customers. Drip integrates with some notable e-commerce marketplaces such as WordPress, Facebook, and WooCommerce. While you get to use the tool for free, Drip has other subscription plans beginning with the Basic plan at $49 per month.

Best Features:-

i. Allows sending targeted email messages and broadcast emails.

ii. Comes with split email testing features and features that facilitate sending automated SMS messages.

iii. Offers customer conversion tracking and ability to remove inactive subscribers.

7.    MailerLite


MailerLite is an all-in-one email marketing tool that allows you to create surveys, pop-ups, landing pages, email campaigns and allows you to do much more to upscale your email marketing efforts. It comes with innumerable features that have been upgraded according to the modern trends and to help you grow the business relationships and increase the number of followers into your business. This tool is popularly used in small businesses, by freelancers and bloggers. The free plan offered by MailerLite allows you 1000 subscribers with 12,000 emails per month. The paid plan starts from $84 and is an annual plan.

Best Features:-

i. Marketing automation feature allows you to build a multi-flow-step onboarding process to help you add new customers to the list.

ii. 24/7 live chat customer services to resolve any issues that you might face with your paid plans.

iii. Optimising the emails by testing all the emails comparatively.

8. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Another popular email marketing solution is Constant Contact. It offers many features such as email automation, social media integration and list segmentation. Constant Contact offers a variety of templates and design tools that can be used to create visually appealing campaigns.

9. Sendinblue


Sendinblue, a complete email marketing solution, offers many features including SMS marketing, email automation, landing pages, and SMS marketing. Sendinblue offers advanced features such as A/B testing, CRM integration, and landing pages.

10. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is an email marketing solution that provides features like email automation, audience segmentation, and A/B testing. Campaign Monitor offers templates and design tools that can be used to create professional-looking campaigns.

11. GetResponse


GetResponse, an email marketing software solution, offers features like email automation, landing pages and audience segmentation. GetResponse offers a variety of templates and design tools that can be used to create visually appealing campaigns.

Here Are Some Interesting Email Marketing Statistics!

  • Content Marketing Institute has revealed that 87% of all B2B marketers use email as their communication and distribution channel.
  • According to statistical reports by Facebook, the global count of email users is 4.03 billion as of August 2021. Furthermore, experts suggest that this may go up to 4.48 billion by 2024.
  • Adobe has claimed that 72% of customers prefer to keep email as their main channel for all types of business communication.
  • Another report published by Content Marketing Institute has revealed that 40% of all B2B marketers consider email newsletters as the most essential element of their content marketing strategies.
  • CoSchedule has revealed that the worst open and click-through rates of emails are on weekends, while the best days to send emails are Tuesday and Thursday.
  • GetResponse conducted a study which revealed that 64% of B2B marketers use email marketing automation in their marketing campaigns.
  • The study by GetResponse further revealed that the biggest benefits of email marketing automation are saving time (30%), lead generation (22%), and increased revenue (17%).
  • SalesCycle has revealed that segmented email campaigns generate 50% higher CTR as compared to non-targeted email campaigns.
  • Explore has revealed that as many as 50% of all business associates and marketers admit that the most annoying thing is receiving too many emails from a brand.

We hope that the article was helpful in discovering the best email marketing tools for your marketing plans. While the majority of these tools offer solutions for almost all aspects of email marketing, specific tools are dedicated to doing specific tasks with perfection. We, therefore, suggest you to properly analyse your marketing and business needs properly and make wise choices accordingly!

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