What does it mean by Digital Innovation in Marketing?

Written by Team EMB

July 20, 2022

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what does it mean by digital innovation in marketing

The application of new technology in businesses has greatly impacted marketing in a greater way. If you ask what is going to happen in the coming years, you might realise that innovations developed digitally might be so great to the extent of serving customers without the help of human beings. The blog discusses the concept of digital innovation and explains how it affects the world of marketing in general and at large.

What is Digital Innovation?

Digital innovation can be defined as the making use of digital technology to bring about a solution to multiple problems that may accrue from business a given business. As we all know, in any given market, there is competition. One, therefore, needs to employ creativity, innovation and application of improved technology to stay in it. 

Those tools help one retain a position in the competitive market. However, adapting to these changes is challenging but vital for a successful business. Digital innovation helps businesses solve problems more easily, effectively, and quickly.

A digital innovation program may consist of:

● Deciding to digitalise a business that has been running in an analogue way.

● Introducing a brand-new technology plan in the business that has been running for a long time.

● Choosing to employ new platforms and get used to them.

To stay in the game in this evolving world, you need to know these interesting trends that will affect your marketing strategy greatly. When applied well and carefully, you might make bulk sales yielding millions of profits. However, if you do not take your time in analysing and researching, you might as well end up making great losses. Take a look at these five major trends in digital marketing.

5 incredible ways digital innovation is changing marketing

The use of artificial intelligence tools

Artificial intelligence is becoming the backbone of the world market and industries soon. The extensive growth of technology is taking over major business operations around the globe. 

How does this affect marketing generally? With the help of artificial intelligence in marketing, you can collect customer data from social media platforms and other sources. This can help the business come up with solutions to the problem of the product or service being addressed.

This also enables the businesses to get to know how well the product or service is picked from different places. This information helps businesses to cater to the expectations of the audience in the different stages of the funnel. This way, you can then emphasise adopting a marketing strategy dedicated to the different phases of the market. 

With the application of artificial intelligence technology, valuable insights like the exact number of people visiting you and its likelihood of attracting customers can be assessed. AI helps the application communicate with a human being like a real human being. The app responds to customers’ queries and questions anytime and accurately.

Web security

Security in any website gives people confidence as they hover around checking what is inside. This freedom is contrary when they feel insecure. Once customers are insecure with your website, for example, if they notice spam or the availability of software viruses, they tend to bounce back. Bouncing back will increase as people log out after logging in. it shows a dangerous alarm since the site is at risk of being closed down. 

If these bouncing-back cases keep increasing, the risk of falling as online business rises. Google analyses website engagement and whatever is causing to even a slight down in SERPs, according to how people respond to the website surfing online. No one feels secure on your site at all. However, any business willing or starting to run online should enable HTTP protocols to show visitors that the website is secure on their site. Enabling the HTTP protocols solves the problem of visitors expecting spam messages while checking the products and services you offer on your site.

Dealing with all the requirements of internet security will only bring benefits as so many people will fill up your site, causing traffic. That means there will be mass sales and room for product analysis and study. Also, customers take their time to make a final decision on the product they need and would like to purchase. And this is where professional marketers make quality advertisements, product descriptions, selling products, marketing products, and other features of the products to make people understand and buy the product. These services will, in return, increase sales and profits as well.

Social media platform stories

Social media platforms are so many and have different features and users. Well, this” my story” phrase was first brought into existence by Snapchat. However, the idea was then borrowed by Instagram, followed by Facebook. The idea of my story was then borrowed further by YouTube but now named differently as reels. Reels or my story is a post you make on social media to last for a few hours before it automatically deletes itself from the platform. Apart from their period in terms of duration, they are also interesting and eye-catching to keep the engagement going. At times they are humorous too.

Since posted stories disappear after a given time, people can be afraid to be left out, and that is where marketers use the chance and push whatever they want to the market. That way, they reach many people and the product or service at times is shared by other people going viral reaching the able customers who, in return, purchase them.

However, marketers can also invite their followers to come to have an experience by putting in place a well-stated call to action. Additionally, marketers can mention the location in a way that everyone will be in a position to know the exact location of the business or company. However, this will be a bridge between the customer and the marketer who has access to the product or service.

Automated marketing

When marketing has been automated successfully, a good number of benefits come with it. These benefits are promising regarding bulk sales, more leads, and other things such as a reduced number of workers. Reduced labour comes with a reduced cost of production, which means low production costs yet great returns. However, for marketers, automation brings in greater opportunities such as cost reduction, improved customer interaction, and efficiency of the highest order.

Market automation can also help businesses or companies refer their customers to certain content to increase sales automatically. This way, the targeted customers can be redirected by the machine to different channels according to their needs. The business categorises its customers according to what they search on the website. The website will redirect them as per their desire giving them choices of other related products or services. 

In fact, this will make customers stay longer, choosing carefully what they need and why. The reason is that the website is secure and creates room for exploration; secondly, the related products or services are so good and eye-catching, making customers take their time and make the best choice.


Digital innovation in marketing has really advanced in a way that the machine is programmed to answer ALL THE queries of the customers. This machine prompts the user to confirm they are not a robot. After confirming by rewriting the letters written on a text box, it prompts you to mark another text box to access what is on the website.

The confirmation assists greatly as marketers who do not work throughout do not have to worry themselves because customers will be served whenever they reach out. These bots are said to be polite and answer questions correctly. In case you type a question they can’t answer or do not understand, they suggest the question you would have asked. Chatbots prompt for an engaging and interactive customer experience and hence enable a favourable relationship between the business and its audience. 

In fact, many people choose to interact with chatbots because they are available all day and night. Chatbots give attention to the customers and answer all queries accurately. However, chatbots help the company or the business save a lot of money. How? They offer 24/7 customer services, which helps the business to retain its customers as their queries are served anytime.


As they say, change is inevitable, and by employing this digital innovation named above and embracing them maximum, businesses will take a different turn, yielding a lot of profit.

However, by applying these changes in marketing, one of the greatest advantages is that you will stand out as a marketer and increase sales. These digital innovations in marketing bring forth nothing but benefits.

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