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November 14, 2022

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outsourcing ui ux designing project

A website is simply as good as its design. A website design has to take a variety of factors into account to ensure that the users find it friendly and visually appealing. This is where the importance of outsourcing UI/UX designing services comes to shine. With a participative website UI and UX, you can gauge better participation of your website visitors. Furthermore, website UX is also one of the important SEO ranking factors. 

Thus with a proper website UI-UX design, you can improve the traffic to your website. Getting these services especially becomes important when you are running an e-commerce store. By paying attention to important usability factors, you can ensure that you improve the experience of the customers on your website. This will, in turn, help you out in bringing repeat customers along with increasing your customer base. 

The following section of the blog discusses all about the website UI/UX designing services in a detailed manner. 

What does it mean by website UI and UX design? 

A website’s UI and UX design can be defined as the series of processes involved in the website design before the development of the front end. In this stage, the wireframes of the website are designed to give a visual representation of the website will look. 

UI can be defined as the User Interface of the website, which involves creating the layout design of the website. UX, on the other, can be referred to as User Experience. This hence deals with improving the user experience of the website by continuously studying and monitoring the usability factors of the website. In a nutshell, UI is responsible for ensuring the attractiveness of the website, whereas UX, on the other hand, deals with the responsibility of ensuring that it is user-friendly. 

It is important to understand the difference between website UX and UI before availing of their services. Especially if you are choosing the dedicated services of website UI and UX designing, then knowing these differences will help you a long way: 

What is the difference between website UI and UX designing services?

The following are the differences between the UI and UX of the website, which you must be aware of : 

  1. UX is focused on creating a better user experience for website visitors. This helps them in making the best use of the website and derive necessary values from it. UI, on the other hand, deals with creating the User Interface of the website and majorly deals with the aesthetic elements of the website. 
  2. The skill sets of UI and UX designers are different. While UI requires the designers to be more creative, UX designers have to be more skilled in identifying the scope of problems which users may face. A UX designer may also recommend changes to the website design of the website based on important factors like page load speed, mobile friendliness and others. 
  3. The responsibilities of the UI designers may be heavy during the website design stage. However, once when the website has been developed, he may be required to work on the recommendation of the UX designer. This is with the need to ensure that the users find an interactive user experience with the website. 

What are the advantages of availing of UI and UX designing services?

The following are the advantages of choosing professional UI and UX designing services. 

  1. Professional UI and UX designing services help in improving the participation of the users and improving your website ranking and traffic. 
  2. With UI and UX designing services, you can improve the accessibility and usability of your website. This makes your website easy to use and improves your chances of converting users and visitors to your website. 
  3. Your website UI and UX leave a lasting impression in the minds of your audience. This hence builds your reputation and image in front of the audience. This can eventually foster customer loyalty and improve your chances of increasing brand awareness. 
  4. UI and UX designing services can improve the chances of users returning to your website. 
  5. UI and UX designing services yield a better return on investment as they support the growth of your website and, eventually, your business. 

Why are UI and UX designing services important? 

UI and UX designing services are important in the age of digitalisation and the internet. With the booming presence of the business online, it has become more necessary than ever to build a website. The trend of e-commerce websites and applications, especially, has been on the rise at a rapid pace for the past few years. As per the report published by CBRE, e-commerce will account for 23.1% of the total retail sales made worldwide. 

Following these trends, it is important to invest in dedicated services of website UI and UX designing services. This will help you in taking your stand out before the global audience of the internet and improve your business growth. 

  1. UI and UX design services help in improving the sales of your products and services. This becomes possible by giving your audience a better chance to explore your website and communicate with the important elements of the website. 
  2. These services improve the revenue growth of your website and business by catering to the best interests of your audience. 
  3. Investing in these services is important for the SEO of your website. This is because a properly functioning and responsive website is one of the important ranking factors for search engines. 
  4. A website is the face of your brand. Maintaining it in a proper and functional manner is hence important for your branding activities for your business. 
  5. UI and UX designing is important for maintaining the consistency of important elements like fonts, colours and size of images. Without these services maintaining these visual components can be a challenging task. 

What to look for when hiring a professional UI/UX design agency?

Hiring professional services of UI and UX designing services for your website has never been simpler than now. Finding the right UI and UX design agency for your business is the need of the hour, especially if you are getting your website developed for the first time. This is also equally true in the case when you are designing your website. 

The following are some of the important factors to consider when choosing a professional UI and UX designing services: 

UX designers must have an understanding of your business requirements

Good UX designers will want to learn more about you and your company in depth rather than just what they can learn from your website. They should ask questions about developments in your sector and in general. The ideal strategy is to act like you’re not trying to outsource your job to them. Make sure your potential designers are genuinely interested in your work and projects. They should inquire about many things, talk about their prior experiences, and seem excited about the possibility of working with you.

They must have a portfolio of their past work

To evaluate the proficiency of your UX designer, visit their portfolio, references, client reviews, or case studies. Their website should have a dedicated section displaying their work, like “Portfolio,” “Work,” “Our Projects,” etc. A company’s reputation should be reflected in its various objectives, modes of communication, strategies, and understanding of the design process.

They must be flexible in their approach 

The problem with many UX businesses is that they fail to take into account the range of services that processes may provide. Focusing on exceptional user experiences and user interfaces does not mean ignoring processes. Rather, processes should be seen as a support system that can help ensure predicted success or at least minimise the possibility of unfavourable results. Finally, it is important to consider how flexible processes are. While maintaining processes is critical, some degree of flexibility is also necessary. Excellent agencies will have well-defined processes in place that provide both structure and flexibility.

Must have a solid knowledge base

You should not compromise on knowledge and expertise from a UX design agency. Depending on your project type, you will look for an agency with the skills and experience to give you confidence that they will manage it appropriately. Some agencies are more specialised than others, offering UX & UI services for a specific industry (fintech, telecom, healthcare, etc.). The key idea is to look at how adaptable the agency is in pricing methods.

Pricing Structure Matters

Different agencies have different pricing structures. Some charge hourly, and some charge a flat rate. The price is based on factors such as the complexity of the project, the expertise of the agency, and the location. It’s more important to focus on the value you’re getting rather than the hourly rate.

How to find the professional services of UI/UX designing agencies?

Expand My Business is a one-stop platform for all your digital needs. We have onboarded over 1200+ verified agencies and partner vendors who offer all types of digital services. Our tech consultants get in touch with you after you have submitted your project details on our website and understand the scope of work along with your business needs. After this, our proprietary algorithm shortlists the top three verified partner agencies and vendors who can work on your UI/UX design project. This shortlisting is based on several parameters like the matching industry experience, budget and all others. 

Our consultants then align the calls of these partner companies with you and share their portfolios with you. This helps you take the decision on the best partner agency to shortlist for your UI/UX designing the project and kick off the project with the project management solutions of Expand My Business

With the initiation of the project, we assign you a dedicated delivery manager to manage the end-to-end requirements of your project and manage the Escrow payment security of your fund. Escrow payment security solutions are the exclusive feature offering of Expand My Business, wherein the advance payment of the project amount is frozen and secured with our Escrow account. 

This amount is then only released once when your approval and satisfaction with the project deliverable are ensured. This way, we guarantee 100% satisfaction for your project, along with ensuring that your payments are safe and secure. 

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